Welcome to Oak For The Ages

Ultimately, Oak For The Ages originated from being an immigrant to Canada.

Coming from a temperate climate and picturesque landscapes, the vastness and ruggedness of the Canadian landscape and the ferocity of Canadian fall and winter left a deep impression on me.

Oakwood can be seen as counterpoint to the Canadian landscape and forces of nature.  It is often revered as a “classic wood” for its strength, durability and beauty. Oakwood has also been a symbol of life, loyalty, power and wisdom in many cultures and parts of the world.

Over time, I have added other hardwoods to my work, most notably Canadian maple, which contrasts elegantly with the bold open grain patterns of oak.

All my work is handmade in a very small outdoors shop (8’ x 7’ or 2.4 m by 2.1 m) – often from reclaimed wood. I hand-select the wood for form and aesthetics and then thoughtfully craft it into one-of-a-kind, timeless and distinctive pieces; pieces that will last – for ages.